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Lead Creative - Kyle Portbury

Kyle is an Emmy®Award winning writer/director/producer, working across a diverse range of film and television in both live-action and animation. 


After studying performance at the Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Kyle shot his first short film, "Swan Song" in 2007.  Several commissions followed swiftly including "The Mountain Within", his first feature-length documentary, which went on to achieve theatrical release in the UK through the Cinema Europa chain and win various awards including 'best documentary' at The Mountain Film Festival in California, screening at other prestigious festivals including the 20th Coca-Cola Cinemagic Film Festival in Belfast.

Since then, Kyle has continued to seek out and tell great stories. This passion for story has spanned the globe with the opportunity to work for some of the industry's most respected entertainment brands. Kyle has worked in locations, as varied as the top of Africa - Mt Kilimanjaro, the Amazon River basin and the urban jungles of downtown Manhattan, Rio, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Sydney - to name a few. 

Kyle's storytelling adventures continue in 2023 with multiple projects in development and 'The Hopeful', his debut feature, completed and coming soon to cinemas in North America and Australia 

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